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Age: 24
Nearby city: New York
Preference: Hetero

Hello, I'm Serenity. I recently started working as a fashion model in New York. I am not a person who explores the city. Therefore my personal ad here. Does anyone both day life and nightlife wants to show me in New York? Contact me free!

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This is amazing. Their Unique Matching System returned 7 matches. Of course I tried the first one first. I never left him !!

I am having so much fun here. This is awesome

Thank you Date2Meet. Thank you so much for finding my soul mate!

I didn't think this would work. But I thought I'd give it a try. After a few times I got matched with Andrea. Bright, funny and gorgeous. Couldn't believe she was for real, but she sure is! This was a Date2Meet in a million.

Jason and Tom:
We both signed up for date2eet sometime during June. Just a week after, we went on our first date. We immediately hit it off. He turned out to be the key to my lock! We've been together for four weeks now, but it feels like it's been months. We're having a great time together and we expect a bright future. All thanks to date2meet's help. We're both very grateful.

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